Eutelsat, Globecast Launching Media Platform Over the Americas

PARIS & LOS ANGELES—Eutelast and Globecast look to have the Americas covered with a new media platform. This partnership between the two companies will provide broadcasters across the Americas to gain access to Globecast’s advanced media management system.

The platform will be based at Globecast’s Culver City, Calif., teleport and transmitted to Eutelsat’s EUTELSAT 117 West A satellite at 117-degrees West. With this set up, the solution can handle linear television distribution and new media technologies—including streaming, local ad insertion, IoT services, HEVC encoding and regionalization services—and will serve the Americas from Alaska to Argentina.

One feature of the platform is its ability to provide fleet protection and redundancy via the EUTELSAT 113 West A satellite. This is located four degrees away from the same transponder plan and polarization and will offer protection and restoration capabilities for programmers, per Globecast and Eutelsat.