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EUE Screen Gems Studios Upgrades With SSL

EUE Screen Gems Studios, the New York-based division of multimedia company EUE Screen Gems Ltd., has selected a Solid State Logic C100 Digital Broadcast Console as part of a complete facility renovation project.

"We evaluated a number of consoles, and decided on the C100 because of the tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of metering, the graphical feedback in terms of EQ and compression, and the rugged and reliable configuration, which we need in an on-air environment," said Douglas Joseph, chief engineer for EUE Screen Gems Studios. "We also wanted a console that was easy to use and could be run by a staff engineer or a freelancer because audio mixers' schedules can change."

The C100 is designed for on-air and live to-tape production applications. With support for up to 128 input channels, the C100 provides simultaneous 5.1, stereo and mono signal paths directly from source through to destination. SSL's C100 console features 80 mix busses, scalable control surface for up to 48 fader strips, and independent stereo PFL and AFL monitoring.

"Part of what Doug did in his design was future proofing," said EUE Screen Gems Studios' Mitchell Brill, head of corporate development. "For this first phase of the build-out, we've identified, purchased and installed equipment that is future proof. The SSL is an important piece of that plan."

Joseph said they purchased a console that is the right size for the application, as well as a second console that is expandable: the control surface has room for more faders.