ESPN STAR Sports installs IPV browsing solution

ESPN STAR Sports in Singapore is installing IPV’s SpectreView browsing system as part of its facility upgrade to HD.

The IPV browsing system was chosen by systems integrator TSL to support the fast turnaround of news and sports programs as well as the repurposing of content for distribution to multiple countries.

The SpectreView system simultaneously mirrors the high-resolution content and creates low-bit-rate media files from multiple sources, including incoming live video feeds and file-based media, making them instantaneously available to operators cutting packages for breaking news and sports stories.

At ESPN STAR Sports, IBIS content management integrates IPV’s SpectreView browsing components directly into its iFind MAM. This enables multiple operators, using the IBIS iLogger, to tag the incoming sports events with appropriate, validated metadata that is attached to the media throughout its editorial lifecycle. IPV's XCode transcoders are coupled directly with Omneon ingest servers and transcode the live files.