ESPN in Brazil shows faith in DIVArchive

ESPN in Brazil has invested in a DIVArchive system from Front Porch Digital. The system, which will manage thousands of hours of content – in the form of prime time sports coverage – created by the broadcaster, was supplied by LineUp Engenharia Electronica Co.

The DIVArchive installation at ESPN was implemented following nearly a year of collaborative design and planning by LineUp, Front Porch Digital, and ESPN. Controlled by a Blue Order MAM system, in keeping with ESPN's plans for future expansion, the DIVArchive offers a high level of scalability.

At present the archived content at ESPN is accessible only to librarians, with editors having access to low-resolution browse copies via the MAM application. Plans are already in place to upgrade the system by expanding the DIVArchive system for redundancy and to improve bandwidth and add storage space, which ultimately will grow to more than 200 TB.

"We were, frankly, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of videotape we had amassed over the years, especially considering that so much of it is unique and valuable in the annals of international sports," explained Victor Hannoun, director of operations, ESPN. "DIVArchive, with excellent support from Front Porch Digital and the local LineUp team, has enabled delivery of the cost-effective and reliable solution we were hoping for. By digitizing our videotape archive and then relying on DIVArchive to manage it, we are furthering our goals of preserving and securing content, finding and retrieving individual clips readily, and saving space and staff time."