ESL Upgrades With Studio Technologies’ Model 214 Announcer’s Console

E-sports company adds Dante-enabled gear
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COLOGNE, GERMANY—Much like one of Super Mario’s mushrooms does, Studio Technologies’ Model 214 Announcer’s Console has been added to ESL to upgrade its services. The e-sports company, which produces and broadcasts video games tournaments globally, has announced it recently upgraded much of its equipment, including the addition of the Dante-enabled Model 214.

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One of three Dante-enabled consoles from Studio Technologies, the Model 214 is designed to serve as the audio control for announcers, commentators and production personnel. The unit can integrate on-air talkback and cue audio signal routing in a single tabletop system. The system can be powered by an Ethernet connection with Power-over-Ethernet or external 12-volt DC power source.

The Model 214 allows ESL to use a network switch and plug an Ethernet cable into each announcer console, then route everything through a computer, according to ESL audio engineer Ben Cochran. Other features of the system include changeable mic pre-amp gain and power-entry connections.

Studio Technologies is a provider of video, audio and fiber-optic products for the audio and broadcast markets.