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ERI Redesigns Web Site

Electronic Research Inc. announced last week announced it has redesigned its Web site, to improve organization and simplify navigation. I took a tour of the site after receiving the announcement. In addition to detailed technical specifications on its extensive line of FM and TV antennas, this is a wealth of data hiding behind the "tools" menu. Under "Engineering Tables", you will find wind speed and ice probability maps, a discussion of antenna support structure design radius of curvature requirements, information and drawings on calculating typical guy wire radius and acreage by tower height in feet and much more.

While the nice graphical menus did not appear when the Web site was viewed in my favorite web browser (Mozilla), to the web designer's credit all the menu listings were present in text format and I had no problem at all navigating around the site. My only disappointment with the site was that antenna patterns did not appear to be available in electronic format.