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ERG introduces two new LCD monitors

ERG Ventures has introduced the HDM-EV35D 6in and the HDM-EV80D 8.4in LCD monitors with HD and SD inputs.

The new monitor is similar to its predecessor, the HDM-EV30D, but its analog components have been removed.

The HDM-EV35D has HD SDI and SDTV analog composite inputs. The active LCD area has a 960x540 resolution, and displays 16.77 million colors. The monitor can display native 1080 images without needing to do a resolution conversion. The HDM-EV35D is also 9mm thinner and 300 grams lighter than the HDM-EV30D.

The HDM-EV80D includes enhanced color, gamma adjustment functions, additional framing markers and a convenient memory preset function. It is rack-mountable for location shoots.

The monitor has front-panel volume adjustment; four inputs and one output, which make it useful for multi-camera shoots; energy-saving operation; and a compact size (6.93x8.43x2.36in.)

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