Encoda Systems: Reliable, Realtime, And Flexible

What gives broadcasters insomnia? Anything that negatively affects revenue, such as black on air, a poor quality picture, or technology that isn't flexible or scalable enough to meet a facility's changing requirements. Encoda Systems' goal is to help chief engineers sleep better at night.

Our Encoda D-Series automation provides confidence that programs and commercials will stay on air. We provide this certainty with our dual redundant system design for all realtime system control components.

Encoda automation is assembled with Encoda-built, broadcast-quality computers, control panels, hardware cards, breakout boxes, and port distributors. Encoda automation computers come standard with pluggable hard drives and 46,000-hour fans to ensure reliable 24-hour operation. D-Series' intelligent monitoring and alarming notifies operators well in advance of conflicts between playout and record sources, permitting reallocation of resources before the station's ability to broadcast becomes compromised. We back up this technology with good old-fashioned customer support 24/7 by phone and remote diagnostics through modem to quickly provide assistance.

Realtime control is D-Series' core competence. For precise timing and switching, D-Series uses Encoda's proprietary realtime software kernel to deliver frame accuracy. Material is timed to a frame, scheduled, and aired accordingly for a clean and crisp on-air look. D-Series interfaces to a wide range of equipment.

Serial connections (RS485 and RS422) offer realtime device control. As equipment is upgraded and new devices are introduced, Encoda works with vendors and customers to ensure reliable and predictable device control.

Encoda's automation fits comfortably both in small broadcast environments÷1 to 16 channels÷and in the largest complexes in the world÷1,000 or more channels. Rather than cloned, single-channel operation, D-Series architecture is designed for true multichannel operation. This feature distinguishes D-Series from other automation systems and enables it to grow with a broadcaster's business. New channels can be added with minimal hardware or service cost.

D-Series' Windows-based GUI provides operators an intuitive interface that reduces operation complexity, mitigates confusion, and allows a single operator to easily learn and perform many functions.

In addition to the GUI, D-Series offers unique, customizable control panels for running the system, especially in an emergency. These eliminate complicated computer keystrokes. Any intervention (normal or critical) requires pressing a single, clearly labeled button. Schedule status is always available through the control panels' at-a-glance LCD buttons, and error lights display fault conditions for fast corrections.

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