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EMS Satellite Networks demonstrates live DVB-RCS

EMS Satellite Networks showed live demonstrations of DVB Return Channel for Satellite (DVB-RCS) satellite networking equipment at NAB.

The company’s DVB-RCS product and technology solutions enable two-way broadband access for a wide range of networking applications. These applications range from Internet access and simple Web browsing, to more sophisticated virtual private networks, videoconferencing and voice-over-IP and for cable head-end solutions.

EMS's DVB-RCS solutions are the only multiple-access solutions capable of delivering data transfer rates of up to 45Mbps for downloads and up to 2Mbps for uploads at each remote terminal, which is enough bandwidth to support anything from a small business to an entire community from a single remote terminal.

EMS Technologies took part in the development of the DVB-RCS standard for high-speed two-way Internet communications via satellite. The EMS Satellite Networks division provides systems, products and services, ranging from systems definition to terminal rollout, employing a variety of architectures and technologies featuring the DVB-RCS open-standard.

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