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Elon University’s communications upgrade

Elon University’s
communications upgrade

Built in 1968, the McEwen building of Elon University in North Carolina originally served as the campus library. Today, the fully renovated facility houses a state-of-the-art communications school.

The design firm Jova/Daniels/Busby of Atlanta was hired to rethink the structure and how a new generation of students would learn, work and create.

The solution involved a complete interior renovation and a 4700sq ft addition of two television studios for a total of 38,500sq ft — almost double its previous space. As the team began to define the spaces, one aspect of the renovation became clear — the new interior would have to provide an engaging and active environment to address the needs of the future. Research shows that this new generation of students is accustomed to multiple sources of information all at once. The digital age has created a student body very different from their predecessors.

To provide a conducive environment, the designers used color and spatial elements to integrate the newest in teaching technology. Hallways are designed in a way that casual conversations can happen along the main axis of all three floors. Comfortable seating and dramatic lighting are used to bring students and faculty together in an informal setting.

The top floor includes an executive conference room that looks down on the first-floor broadcasting studios. McEwen’s main floor houses Elon’s two broadcast studios, one with a professional-quality news set and the other constructed to provide the flexibility to produce sports shows, game shows, talk shows and musical events. Studios, control rooms and editing suites are available to students and maintained by a full-time engineer. A computer lab on this floor provides students with a high-tech connection to digital information. Plasma screens, data projectors and desktops are also available.

On the lower level of McEwen, the editing suite houses DVD and video production. Editing suites with media software and equipment give young directors the tools necessary to hone their craft. Digital cameras and recording equipment are also available for students to check out.

Design Team
Elon University: Neil Bromilow, P.E., dir. of construction mgmt.
Dr. Gerald Gibson, faculty project liaison
Chris Fulkerson, asst. VP for tech.

Roy Abernathy, managing principal, COO
Andy Akard, project mgr., principal, dir. of architecture
Handan Nazli, project architect

George Keck, Keck Construction, general contractor
Mark Valenti, Sextant Group, acoustic/communications consultant
Doc M. Raines, Jr., P.E., Hibble, Peters and Dawson (mech./electrical/plumbing consultant)
Dan Burdick, CAD
Equipment List
Sony: DXCD50SL studio cameras, MVS-8000 digital switcher, DSR-25 DVCAM decks
Listec T2012P LCD 15in prompter
360 Systems Image Server 2000
Chyron Duet LE CG
Adobe After Effects, Motion
Apple Final Cut Pro 4.5
Avid Newscutter NLEs
GenArts plug-in packages
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