EGT intros Orchestra for video networks

EGT now offers Orchestra, a new system for cable, satellite and IPTV network redundancy and control.

Orchestra Element Manager is a standards-based software product designed to reduce operational complexity, cost and overhead by providing an integrated management interface. Services are easily provisioned in a simple menu-driven drag-and-drop graphical user interface.

An auto-discovery feature automatically detects and maps all EGT products on the network, regardless of geographical location. Full event logging and database reporting assists operators in detecting, diagnosing and resolving issues that may arise while an automatic back-up feature provides a solution for a full recovery.

The Orchestra Redundancy Control System module is a scaleable rapid-redundancy platform capable of backing up as many as 32 primary video channels with rapid switching of hot stand-by spares. By providing total configuration flexibility as well as control over the number and priority of the primary video services, this system provides operators with a solution for system reliability.

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