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EBU releases Acquisition Technical Metadata Set

The EBU has released specification Tech 3349, Acquisition Technical Metadata Set. The specification details a metadata set of camera, lens and microphone data for use by downstream application like VFX and color grading. For cameras and camcorders, it is expected that the file format used for the export of the essence will be MXF.

The metadata structure should support the exchange of native available MXF (export) and XML (import and export) formats. Additional EBU specifications provide implementation guidelines for different configurations (e.g. using KLV and XML encodings for exchange inside MXF files, or using separate XML files). Descriptive metadata sets are also specified in a separate EBU specification.

The camera and lens metadata is composed of SMPTE RDD 18, device, audio and video metadata on EBU Tech 3301 — Metadata for nontape-based camcorders for broadcast production.