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Dyle report confirms mobile TV upswing

Break out the golf claps. The Dyle mobile TV service, the Mobile Content Venture spearheaded by 12 major broadcast groups, recently conducted an in-depth study focused on mobile TV. The results released this week from the report may be surprising to many, but to Dyle, they showed that it may actually be right on target.

Research Now created the Dyle Mobile TV Data Report. The poll covered 500 U.S. consumers in the 18- to 54-year-old demographic. While the scope was not huge, the results serve to confirm that the United States is ready and willing for mobile TV. Several of the key notes from the report show acceptance and desire are growing.

More than 60 percent of people surveyed state that they would be likely to switch cell phone providers to get mobile TV. This is significant because currently switching providers is a tricky scenario, one that involves cancellation fees and terminating one contract only to start a new two-year plan. That fact that more than half the consumers represented would feel strongly enough about mobile TV to go through the process is encouraging.

Tablets and smartphones scored high in the survey. More than 50 percent of consumers said they would consider watching TV on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. This is a substantial jump from just a few years ago, when mobile TV was just getting off the ground. Faster bandwidth and more options for live and on-demand content, from more providers, have increased this upswing to healthy levels.

The most telling statistic from the study, and the one sure to delight Dyle, was that while more than 85 percent of consumers have watched live TV in the past month, almost 70 percent of them stated they would watch more more live TV if it were available on mobile devices. Dyle is working hard to ensure there is consistent branding on devices and that costumers understand that the Dyle brand means that their unit is compatible and able to pick up live mobile TV. This research report concludes that the consumer demand is in place, at least with this cross section, so the roll out of Dyle branded devices can hopefully have smooth and increasing adoption numbers as the roll out begins.

The survey also indicates that live local news and weather help signify to consumers what is important in their lives. Mobile Content Venture (MCV) is hoping that Dyle branding becomes just as important with consumers making mobile TV purchasing decisions.