DVB Approves New Subtitling Specification

GENEVA—At its most recent meeting, the DVB Steering Board approved the new specification for DVB TTML subtitling systems. The specification enables the delivery of next generation subtitles in transport streams for broadcast television services, based on W3C Timed Text Markup Language. The new specification is designed to complement the bitmap based subtitle solutions.

With the new TTML delivery specification, service providers will be able to transition over time to a common TTML subtitle format for both broadcast and internet delivered services.

“The approval of the transport stream carriage of the TTML specification adds a very important component to the DVB specifications, most notably providing support for UHD subtitles,” said Kevin Murray, DVB technical module chair. “This also provides a common subtitling mechanism between transport streams and DASH delivered content and, being a textual based format, opens up a range of possibilities for enhancing accessibility of services.”

The specification has been published as BlueBook A174 and has been forwarded to ETSI for standardization as a European Norm.