DTS introduces improved multi-channel broadcast audio tools

DTS and technology partner Linear Acoustic have launched a series of hardware tools designed to improve performance in broadcast audio contribution, distribution and emission workflows.

The tools are based on the implementation of DTS' Coherent Acoustics compression algorithm by Linear Acoustic, as productized by the StreamStacker-HD series, also known as e2.

These tools provide solutions to the problems associated with compression in the production chain, and enable new approaches to audio production workflow. The e2 overcomes the major problems associated with compressed audio transport mechanisms in the production environment.

Among the advantages of e2 are:

  • high resiliency to the effects of channel errors and asynchronous switching,
  • elimination of non-recoverable metadata errors,
  • the ability to edit or switch on AES frame boundaries,
  • synchronization to AES audio reference.

For more information, visit: www.dts.com.