Dream Chip AtomOne Powered Super Bowl LV Pylon Cam

Super Bowl LV AtomOne mini AIR camera
(Image credit: Dream Chip)

GARBSEN, Germany—Dream Chip made it to the Super Bowl earlier this year, providing its AtomOne mini AIR camera for the line-to-gain wireless pylon cameras used in the production.

Two AtomOne mini AIR cameras were integrated into each line-to-gain camera, selected by 3g Wireless—the equipment and services provider to CBS. The cameras weigh 45 grams and measure in at 30x30x18mm. They also featured an S-mount lens to provide Full HD resolution.

Another key component of the AtomOne mini AIR was its ability to complement the broadcast’s larger-scale camera setups. The camera could color match with these other cameras, eliminating any need for adjustment in the studio. It was also integrated with a CyanView controller for colorimetric control.

3g Wireless Director for Business Development and Sports Operations Gordon Capaccio praised the AtomOne mini AIR’s level of detail, saying that they were able to show “every blade of grass.”

For more information, visit www.atom-one.de (opens in new tab).