DPP Releases Updated Program Delivery Specs

LONDON—U.K. broadcasters have a new set of guidelines when it comes to delivering TV programs courtesy of the Digital Production Partnership (DPP). Version 5.0 of the Technical Specifications for the Delivery of TV Programs is a list of updated specs, which now includes info on deliverables for UHD, HDR, drone cameras and the conversion between new video formats.

There are two new versions of the delivery document, one for programs delivered by file and a second for live programs. There is also a series of supplements providing additional advice on metadata, HDR, surround sound, 3D and Super 16. In addition, the new release no longer supports videotape delivery as DPP’s U.K. broadcasters will no longer accept videotape for program deliveries starting Oct. 1.

The complete updated specifications can be found on DPP’s website.