Dolphin Stadium to rely on HDK-725P cameras for new HD LED display

Dolphin Stadium has acquired six Ikegami HDK-725P portable HDTV camera systems.

Dolphin Stadium in Miami recently began installation of its new 2105sq ft high-definition LED digital display to supply audiences with big-screen, HD coverage of each event the facility hosts.

To deliver high-quality digital imagery to its new screens, Dolphin Stadium chose six Ikegami HDK-725P portable HDTV camera systems to deliver full digital native 720p video.

Director of Scoreboard Operations Chad Messina and his crew are responsible for providing fans with detailed coverage of each event, from replays, halftime shows, and crowd shots, to post game interviews and press conferences.

Messina selected the Ikegami HDK-725P to provide fans with clear, high-resolution HDTV pictures of every aspect of a game or performance. The HDK-725P uses newly developed full digital process ICs, where video signals are digitized with 12-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital quantization for nonlinear processes.

Dolphin Stadium is a multi-use venue-playing host to Miami Dolphins football, Florida Marlins baseball, international soccer matches, concerts, and the upcoming 2007 Super Bowl.

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