Dogan Media Group builds tapeless broadcast system with Cinegy

One of Turkey’s largest media groups and commercial broadcasters, the Dogan Media Group, has built an IT-based broadcasting center using the Cinegy Media Suite as the core of its broadcasting system. It handles all broadcasting operations including ingest, editing, archive, news integration, post production and playout.

Cinegy’s Media Suite uses non-proprietary IT hardware and standard software. No special SAN technology or Fibre Channel networks are required. The Media Archive database uses clustered MS SQL Server with the Cinegy Enterprise Database manager for setup and administration

The Cinegy system at Dogan handles 18 SDI ingest channels; six SDI news playout channels with MOS rundown control; six scheduled SDI playout channels with mixed video format support, real-time Cinegy sequence conform with effects and logo insertion; and 10 MCR Broadcast Automation stations for SDI on-air playout. The Media Suite is also used for editing and post production within the group.

Tapeless objective

The initial objective at the Dogan Media Group was to move to an entirely tapeless broadcasting process, archiving its assets, cataloguing, adding metadata and maintaining access to the material. The organization had a mix of tape formats including Beta SP, Digital Betacam and DVCPRO.

At the first stage, the fundamental technical services offered at the Dogan TV Center (DTC), such as studio production, editing services, satellite reception and master control broadcasting systems, would exist on an integrated IT infrastructure.

Cinegy playout at the Dogan Group

All of Dogan TV’s playout and broadcast automation needs are taken care of by Cinegy Air. The Cinegy Air control software provides the state-of-the-art control interface for controlling one or multiple Cinegy Air service playout channels connected via TCP/IP.

Several divisions of the group are using the Cinegy Air system for playout including Star TV, which uses the system for regular programming and news. Other channels include Euro-D, the Turkish language satellite channel broadcast for Turks living abroad, and two Turkish football channels. Dogan TV is airing 25 channels with just two operators.

EMLAK TV, part of Turkish newspaper publisher group Hurriyet, uses Cinegy’s broadcast automation for on air playout.

CNN Türk, a 24-hour news channel and CNN International affiliate, uses Cinegy’s MOS protocol integration with the Media Desktop Client for its news, and the Dogan News Agency (DHA) uses the Cinegy system to playout satellite feeds to its viewers worldwide.

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