DK-Technologies unveils PT8612 HD-SD Test Signal Generator

The new PT8612 HD-SD test signal generator from DK-Technologies can identify and help correct the source of lip sync errors.

The PT8612 is a new option for DK-Technologies’ PT5300 HD-SD VariTime sync generator, which offers a test pattern to check lip sync. It features four independent HD and SD test signal generators on a single board, each of which can be controlled from the PT5300front panel.

The generator supplies signals in 18 video formats, including HD formats in 1080p, 1080i and 720p with support for a data rate of 1485Mb/s as well as SD-SDI formats for 525- and 625-lines with a data rate of 270Mb/s. Supported frame rates include 24-, 25-, 30-, 50-, and 60Hz and the 1.01 offset frame rates.

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