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DisplaySearch forecasts growth in 3-D-capable TV sets

Display market research firm DisplaySearcb April 8 revised its estimate of 3-D-capable TV shipments this year.

In its “Quarterly TV Design and Features Report,” DisplaySearch raised its forecast for 3-D-capable TV shipments to 2.5 million in 2010 and projected 3-D set sales to climb to 27 million in 2013.

The initial hype around 3-D technology is turning into real consumer interest, said Paul Gray, DisplaySearch director of TV electronics research. In the next few years, most of the interest in 3-D-capable TVs will be in developed regions. This year, North America will be responsible for more than half of all shipments. The popularity of large screens, a more developed Blu-ray Disc market and availability of 3-D broadcast services will contribute to the early dominance of North America in the 3-D consumer display market.

While growth will be strong, only 27 percent of projected shipments in 2013 will be of sets 40in or larger, said the research organization. One reason is the relative expense of the video processing and extra display performance needed for larger 3-D displays compared to entry-level models. Lower market penetration of double- and quadruple-frame-rate sets will constrain 3-D display sales. Another reason is modest market penetration of HD and Blu-ray Disc technology in Europe creating a content gap that must be closed before 3-D can flourish.