Displays fuel demand for consumer electronics, says association

A forecast from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) projects factory-to-dealer sales of consumer electronics to exceed $155 billion in 2007, or 7 percent growth, fueled largely by demand for new displays.

According to Todd Thibodeaux, the organization's senior VP of industry relations, the TV market "is setting all-time revenue records" as "CRT-based sets are giving way to flat-panel displays." Thibodeaux identified "the successful ongoing transition to digital television" the reason behind the accelerated demand.

The association has forecast that display technologies will account for $26 billion in revenues for 2007. Government rules mandating the inclusion of DTV tuners and unprecedented price declines in plasma and LCD displays are driving demand. For 2007, CEA expects combined LCD and plasma flat-panel shipments to reach 19 million units.

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