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Discovery Communications chooses Quantel for stereo 3-D post

Looking to support 3D content creation for its 3Net channel (a joint venture between Sony, Discovery and IMAX Corp.), Discovery Communications has purchased two Quantel Pablo Neo 4K systems, a Max and a Genetic Engineering shared workflow infrastructure for newly constructed suites at Discovery's post-production facility in Silver Spring, MD. Quantel's Genetic Engineering enables work to be shared between suites, optimizing suite utilization and speeding program production.

Brinton Miller, vice president of engineering for Discovery, said they extensively researched the numerous 3-D post-production products in the marketplace to determine the best product available to meet its standards of quality. Pablo's complete stereo 3-D workflow, which includes finishing toolset, the ability to handle most file formats, interactive operation at full resolution and advanced stereo 3-D tools, made the difference for them.

The Pablo 4K with Neo is Quantel's top-of-the-line model. It empowers post companies to develop new workflow sequences that eliminate redundant tools and operators. Pablo's color tools all run in a nonlinear environment. This allows the colorist and client to view every shot in its correct editorial and compositional context — transforming the entire post workflow into a fast, collaborative and creative process.

The Neo panel provides an interactive, hands-on color correction environment with a new control interface designed for working in long grading sessions. The system's new stereo 3-D post-production tools offer real-time handling of dual left-eye/right-eye high-resolution media. The stereo 3-D toolset takes care of all issues interactively.