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DirecTV Soon to Ofer Local HD Stations in 121 Markets

DBS firm DirecTV said this week it plans to add 44 more HD local-channel markets to its satellite services starting in August, and that by year’s end it will be providing local broadcast HD signals in at least 121 cities—markets which it said will represent more than 88 percent of all American TV households.

The DBS company said with its new satellite (DirecTV 11) recently introduced to its fleet in orbit, and the anticipated launch of its DirecTV 12 space bird sometime in 2009, it should have the technical capacity to deliver as many as 200 national HD channels. That’s in addition to 1,500 local HD/SD digital channels, plus the ability to ramp up some more advanced programming services, such as VOD.

DirecTV said it currently offers more than 90 HD national channels.