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DirecTV Launches VOD

The nation’s top satellite television provider has lived up to its word and launched its on-demand service.

DirecTV on Demand service is available at no additional cost to customers with a DirecTV Plus HD DVR or R22 DVR receiver. It offers more than 4,000 standard-definition and HD titles.

The service began in a closed beta launch in October and moved to public beta in February.

DirecTV claims one of the easiest-to-use on-demand interfaces on television, with features including customized homepages and remote Internet scheduling.

The menu of free titles will be supplemented with additional pay titles, the company said.

The new service offers content downloaded via a broadband connection, while other content—primarily popular movies—is pushed to the customer’s DVR via satellite. Much of the content, depending on the speed of the customer’s broadband connection and type of content, can be viewed in real time as it is being downloaded, DirecTV said.