DirecTV Launches Channel Dedicated to Hurricane Ian Emergency Info

(Image credit: PBS)

As Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida today, DirecTV is launching a dedicated Severe Weather Channel and separate four-channel Severe Weather Mix emergency weather mosaic to keep customers up to date on developing conditions.

The standalone Severe Weather Channel is available on 361-2 on DIRECTV and 1226 (high-definition) and 226 (standard-definition) on U-verse. The Severe Weather Mix channel will launch on channel 200 and 361-1.

Severe Weather Channel will rotate live local news coverage from broadcast stations in regions that lie within the hurricane’s path providing residents living in the immediately affected areas to keep apprised of developments. DirecTV is currently working with local broadcast station owners in the area including Ft. Myers-Naples; Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota; Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne; Gainesville-Ocala; Jacksonville FL-Brunswick GA; and will continue to add others as Hurricane Ian moves through the Gulf Coast or Eastern Seaboard in coming days.

The four-channel Severe Weather Mix will feature round-the-clock live coverage from the Weather Channel, AccuWeather and CNN (whose Atlanta headquarters lies within the anticipated path) in addition to the Severe Weather Channel and its local coverage from participating local broadcast stations. DirecTV launched similar efforts to assist viewers during Hurricane Ida (2021), Hurricanes Marco and Laura (2020), Hurricane Michael (2018), Hurricane Irma (2017), Superstorm Sandy (2012), among other national emergency situations.