DigitalGlue Delivers IP Stream Monitoring for Globecast

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIF. — DigitalGlue announced completion of an IP stream monitoring platform for Globecast. Based on Bridge Technologies’ monitoring and analysis tools, the new installation gives Globecast technicians comprehensive visibility into the status of more than 300 North American IP video streams, DigitalGlue said.

The platform uses fiber connections between the operations center and other Globecast points of presence in North America to route video through a variety of signal types including satellite RF, ASI, and IP. The Bridge Technologies probes monitor 300 video streams to check the signals for quality and compliance at various points from input to output. DigitalGlue designed an open-architecture solution that enables Globecast to poll data from the probes and import it into existing systems, enabling operators to resolve problems as they arise. Another key feature of the installation is an Internet GUI application that enables operators to troubleshoot issues from any location.

Globecast provides satellite transmission services on six continents, with the California technical operations center supplying video feeds to viewers throughout North America. With its previous monitoring system, Globecast could detect signal outages but lacked video quality information or real-time visibility into video uptime. After an analysis to identify appropriate monitoring points, DigitalGlue proposed a solution that would allow the U.S. and European operations centers each to have autonomous monitoring capabilities, but with “single pane of glass” control and the ability to share resources with each other when required.