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Digital Cinema to provide major focus at IBC2003

IBC2003 will host a major digital cinema forum covering every aspect of digital cinema from Hollywood’s perspective on the technology to technical issues, screenings of clips from the latest D-cinema productions to the European view of the technology.

Digital cinema events on Sept. 15 include:

  • The D-Cinema keynote speech, “Hollywood and the D-Cinema Revolution.” Given by Chuck Goldwater, chief executive officer of Digital Cinema Initiatives, a collaborative effort of seven Hollywood studios, the keynote address will focus on the paramount issue of quality. Goldwater also is expected to address anti-piracy efforts and the business formula of D-Cinema.
  • Top level conference events. These include screenings of the latest Hollywood productions in the RAI auditorium, product demonstrations, the European Digital Cinema Forum (ECDF) open meeting, and craft demonstrations.
  • D-Cinema and Out of Home Entertainment Theme Day, Sept. 15. Among the topics to be covered by expert panels are:

    An early-bird screening of cinematographer James Mathers work about D-Cinema, which includes interviews with George Lucas and James Cameron;
    Adapting to the new age and barriers to success;
    Digital intermediate technology;
    Who will pay and who will profit;
    Latest SMPTE and EDCF standards;
    State of the art delivery and display;
    Hollywood experiences
  • .

On Sept. 16, the European Digital Cinema Forum will hold an open meeting to focus on the status of the digital cinema business throughout Europe. There will be three EDCF modules: content, commercial and technical. The technical module will cover eight topics, including mastering, image compression, transport and delivery, security, theater systems, audio, projection systems and server systems.

Another area of the D-cinema focus at IBC2003 will be RAI auditorium, which will feature projectors and other D-cinema equipment from several manufacturers. So far, Sanyo, Christie, Discreet, Quantel, Sony, NHK and JVC are scheduled to participate. These events will begin Sept. 12 and run through Sept. 15.

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