Digital Cinema Summit to present next generation tools, techniques at NAB2004

NAB2004 has joined forces with the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California (ETC-USC) to present a next generation Digital Cinema Summit program April 18.

The day of speakers, panels and demonstrations will provide directors, producers, cinematographers, postproduction and visual effects professionals and manufacturers of digital filmmaking equipment with a comprehensive analysis of the creative and technical possibilities enabled by digital tools in production and postproduction.

“There is a strong desire by the motion picture industry to take advantage of new digital tools and the artistry and flexibility they allow,” said NAB vice president John Marino. “These digital capabilities have already penetrated broadcasting and with our newly revamped Summit, our members will be able to take their understanding of them to the next level.”

“After focusing mainly on the final steps of digital cinema, we are broadening our efforts to be a resource to those involved in the filmmaking process, beginning to end,” said Charles S. Swartz, CEO/executive director of the ETC-USC. “With NAB’s historical focus on postproduction and technology and the increasing number of artists and technicians who leap-frog between theatrical and television filmmaking, the NAB show is a great platform to reach our audience.”

The Digital Cinema Summit speakers and panelists include Academy Award-winning directors and cinematographers, executives of leading postproduction facilities, leaders in the creation and application of digital tools, and more.

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