Digeo and Moxi Merge to Develop Advanced Media Center Platforms

Digeo Inc. and Moxi Digital Inc. are merging under Digeo's name. The merger will create a larger player in the delivery of integrated media center platforms and services for cable and satellite operators. The merger includes additional funding from lead investor Vulcan Inc.

Earlier this year, Digeo and Moxi announced plans to release affordable media center platforms that provide network operators and entertainment companies with new revenue streams through the deployment of advanced applications. The new Digeo will work on enhancing and simplifying the consumer home entertainment experience with help from partnerships with companies such as Motorola Inc. and Charter Communications.

Motorola is working with Digeo to manufacture advanced set-top devices called broadband media centers. The first model, the BMC8000, is a companion device for Motorola's DCT2000 digital set-top. The second model, the BMC9000, is an integrated system. Charter plans to deploy the platforms in 2002 and has already deployed Digeo's Basic iTV service to more than 558,000 homes.

Digeo CEO Jim Billmaier will become CEO of the new company.