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Dielectric Updates DASP Software

Dielectric has released Version 6.0.3 of its Dielectric Antenna System Planning Program (DASP). The new version adds additional antennas and transmission lines to its database and also fixed problems with exporting to some propagation software antenna pattern formats. The software acts as an electronic catalog, allowing engineers to design antennas based on standard azimuth and elevation patterns. I noticed the new version includes more elevation patterns with electrical beam tilt up to 2 degrees, which is useful when designing antennas for mountaintop sites. According to the release notes, the new version also adds the TLS-V VHF antenna, updates the mechanical data for TLP and DSB antennas, and adds new FM antennas.

While the Web site says only Windows 2000 is supported, DASP worked fine on my Windows XP laptop. The release indicates it will also work with Windows 95, 98, 98se or NT, although the Web site cautions the latest Windows installer has to be used. The annoying musical effects and warning/acceptance screen delay remain unchanged from previous versions. The file is 11.5 MB and can be downloaded from the DASP web page.
Andrew Corporation used to offer a similar antenna design tool, but a recent check of its software web page showed it had been removed after it sold the broadcast division to ERI. A check of the ERI TV Broadcast Antennas web site and other ERI web pages did not reveal a copy of what used to be known as the Andrew Broadcast System Planning (ABSP) software. If and when ERI releases design software (ETSP?) for its TV antennas, I'll include an article with the link.