Denver Station Upgrades Proximity Management Software

Tribune Superstation KWGN-TV in Denver upgraded its Proximity Xenomax graphics management software to Xenostore and Xenotrack media asset management software, based on recent changes experienced within the station's graphic production process. The software enables the management and storage of content from any Web browser. "In addition to the ease of moving and converting graphics through Xenostore, the software works within our AP/ENPS newsroom system, providing access to our full Xenostore catalog from within ENPS," said Don Rooney, director of operations and engineering for KWGN-TV.

Xenotrack displays graphic requests in a queue, facilitating the process of tracking down graphics and determining where they are needed in the newscast. Prior to installing the software, KWGN had developed its own command line interface to move and convert files between Chyron and Quantel, which required users to remember precise commands. The station uses its Proximity system for a three-and-a-half hour morning news slot each weekday, and for its one-hour nightly newscast.