Dejero Announces v.2.9 of Dejero LIVE+ Platform

KITCHENER, ONTARIO —Dejero has launched v.2.9 of its Dejero LIVE+ cellular newsgathering platform that includes new remote control capabilities as well as enhancements to audio quality and improvements to performance and transmission reliability.

“Each new feature in this release was added based on feedback from broadcasters using the systems in real-world newsgathering situations,” said CEO Brian Cram.

Available as a free upgrade to current Dejero Support customers, the remote control feature gives broadcast operators an easy means of controlling Dejero’s LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter and LIVE+ VSET mobile ENG systems from any studio or remote location using any HTML5-enabled Web browser, including those running on mobile devices. Via the 20/20 Transmitter graphical interface, the remote control capability enables joint field/studio operation and provides the ability to control multiple transmitters at once. The system also enables confidence monitoring through a low-frame-rate video preview.

Also in v.2.9, Dejero has made improvements to the audio quality. The Dejero LIVE+ Platform now features an updated codec that is able to produce much better audio quality at similar bit rates than previous versions. In addition, Dejero transmitters now apply the company’s adaptive bit-rate encoding to the audio transmission.

In addition to the audio quality enhancements and remote control, Dejero improved its LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter, a rugged and portable mobile ENG solution, and LIVE+ VSET, a vehicle-mount version of the 20/20 Transmitter. Both systems now feature system and video stability improvements, and a new user interface that indicates when the systems are under remote control.

V.2.9 includes general performance improvements. Also, the LIVE+ Broadcast Server can customize the slate to accommodate images and MP4 video. In addition, the Android mobile app is in production release.

Australian television network Channel Nine has deployed multiple Dejero LIVE+ Transmitters for its news bureaus.

“Dejero's LIVE+ Transmitters enable us to bring ‘you are there’ immediacy to breaking news for which microwave or satellite might not be practical," said Mathew Yelavich, Channel Nine Australia chief technology officer.