Decisionmark changes name, focus

Decisionmark, a company that specializes in keeping consumers informed about what’s on television and other services, has new owners. Jim Goodmon, owner of three stations including WRAL-DT, in Raleigh, NC, and two private equity firms have bought a controlling interest and plan to use the company’s proprietary Web-based technology to turn TV stations into distributors of Web video within their markets. The company will now be known as Titan TV Media and will move its operations from Cedar Rapids, IA, to New York City.

"TVNewsday" reported that the new Titan TV Media would license technology and supply supplemental programming and support services to TV stations. They’ll also syndicate programming to others.

The new company will create a content syndication platform (CSP) that will allow stations using TitanCast to share programming with other stations using the software in other markets.

The CSP service would be advertiser supported, with revenue shared between the local distributor and the originator of the programming. It will launch in April during the NAB convention. By that time, the company hopes to reach half of all American TV homes.