D-Cinema initiative at IBC/Amsterdam

The IBC Cinema initiative at this year's IBC conference includes product and technology exhibitions from Arnold & Richter, Christie, Discreet, DTS, Panasonic, Quantel, Sanyo and Sony. The day will focus on business debates, technical and creative aspects of D-cinema, digital post-production, projector technology and high-definition multichannel audio.

Sanyo's PLV-HD10 HD LCD projector

Product demos include:

  • Sanyo's PLV-HD10 HD LCD projector with a native resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.
  • Sony's two new 4K large-venue projectors that provide 4096x2160 pixel resolution and a high contrast ratio suitable for an array of large-venue applications, such as live events, staging, auditoriums and digital cinema.
  • Doremi will display its new V1-HD disk recorder that can record HD-SDI compressed video with simultaneous record and play capability, and dual-link HD-SDI recording using a JPEG2000 Wavelet compliant codec.
  • Discreet will present seminars in digital color grading and the Digital Intermediate process for digital cinema post-production.

This year's D-Cinema Workshops will feature two different presentations, one by digital film expert Jon Thompson and the other by the team behind the BBC show "Pride."

For more information visit www.ibc.org.

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