DAS Audio Management System Addresses FCC Rules

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y. – Digital Alert Systems, a division of Monroe Electronics, will feature its new Audio Management System, which supports proper message audio for both main and SAP audio streams in compliance with the FCC’s requirements from the 21st century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.

The FCC requirements, which will apply to all TV stations providing emergency information not part of a newscast or Emergency Alert Systems message, say that stations must provide audio description in the secondary audio program channel that corresponds to any emergency information appearing on the main channel. Crawls or text displays on the main channel that are not newscasts or EAS message must be “voiced” on the SAP channel. An attention signal or tone must be available on the main channel, indicating emergency audio is available on the secondary channel.

The DAS AMS aggregates information from a variety of sources, converts the text information to audio using a TTS converter, prepares it for playback on the different audio channels and then provides audio and triggering signals on all configured channels via a Web-based user interface. The system supports multiple channels of AES and/or analog audio switching and playback, and it offers three playback modes: manual, automatic, and triggered playback.

The DAS AMS will be available at a price of $4,495 and will come with on TTS voice. Additional voices will be available in the future.