Dallas Pro Sports Edits With Avid

Four Dallas professional sports teams have incorporated Avid Xpress DV Version 3.5 software to create video content including training videos, TV promotional packages, JumboTron highlights and Web content.

The Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks purchased the editing software from Avid reseller TM Television. The Xpress DV runs on Mac and Windows and is compatible with other systems.

"The world of sports broadcasting is extremely fast-paced. Fans not only expect to see highlights on the news and Web immediately after a game is finished, but sometimes even before it's over," said Kevin Spivey, director of broadcast for the Dallas Stars. He notes that Avid Xpress provides the turnaround for this demand because users can edit on location to create more diverse sets of highlights, instead of just re-purposing material.