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DaletPlus Suite –a range of media asset management and production tools

The DaletPlus News Suite empowers journalists by delivering - to their desktops over a standard IT network – real-time access and editing of video, audio, wires, stills, feeds and CGs.

Built-in newsroom workflow management reduces time to air by streamlining operations - enabling news directors to monitor stories from planning to broadcast. In addition to its multi-format support - MPEG2, DV and DVCPRO, the DaletPlus News Suite solution offers extensive controls for CGs, teleprompters, video servers and other newsroom devices. It is modular in nature and can fit into any existing environment.

DaletPlus Media Library offers broadcasters, post production facilities, media companies, educational institutions and public sector organizations a cost effective turn-key solution for managing and archiving mass amounts of media assets. From the desktop, over a standard network, users can easily ingest, catalog, share and archive media. Media and associated metadata is stored in a central repository for immediate access by authorized users. Flexible cataloging forms enable users to index and partition ingested source materials. The intuitive workflow and format conversion tools help team members effectively manage the creative process.

DaletPlus ActiveLog provides a feature rich software solution for large scale media ingesting, cataloging, distributing and archiving. It is designed to manage the complete lifecycle of audio and video material for organizations such as courts, legislative bodies, government, universities, corporations, entertainment companies and non-profit organizations who need to record, document and store media. The user-friendly interface emulates standard recording and transcribing functionality while providing powerful search and retrieval capabilities. Users of DaletPlus ActiveLog can quickly and easily access, edit and distribute their audio and video - even while recording.

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