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Daktronics introduces V-Play system for broadcast

The V-Play system from Daktronics is a digital video and audio record and playback system, combining proprietary software with 23 hours of broadcast quality video storage at 2.5MB/s per second.

The V-Play system allows users to capture and display video and audio clips, graphics, animations and overlays with an easy-to-use interface.

V-Play software features four modes: Character Generator, Playback, Instant Replay and Multi-Channel Instant Replay.

  • Character Generator: The V-Play Character Generator enhances video presentations with text, graphics and real-time scores and statistics over background images or live video.
  • Playback: The V-Play Playback mode produces professional video presentations. It can be used for sponsorship pieces and headshots of players, as well as clips of the game. V-Play Playback also reduces control room staff while offering the features typically found in complex, front-end systems.
  • Instant Replay: The V-Play Instant Replay records plays to broadcast in seconds without sacrificing control over the rest of the video presentation. Instant Replay combines instant replay capabilities with the features bundled in the V-Play Playback system.
  • Multi-Channel Instant Replay: The Multi-Channel Instant Replay offers up to four replay inputs.

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