CTA: Streaming of Live TV Down as Quarantines Continue

(Image credit: iStock)

ARLINGTON, Va.—People at home spent less time streaming live TV between April 3-5 than they did during the previous period covered by CTA’s weekly “Tech Use and Purchase Tracker: COVID-19 Impact” report. Streaming of media overall, however, was up.

In the second weekly report from CTA, the percentage of U.S. households that streamed live TV dropped from 25% to 22%. Streaming or downloading of all media—videos, music, gaming—was up to 70% this week compared to 66% last week, but it did so without a huge bump in streaming video, which only raised one percentage point from 55% in the first week to 56% in week two.

The report does not offer any statistics on traditional television viewing numbers during this time when most families and individuals are at home.

Also seeing a decline week-to-week was the purchasing of new TVs. After new TV purchases were reported by 14% of CTA’s respondents in week one, that number fell to 11% in this most recent study.

One technology that more Americans took up in this latest report was the use of video conferencing technology, which rose from 12% to 19% week-over-week, as CTA Director of Research Lesley Rohrbaugh said that “Americans are getting creative as they use tech devices and services to stay connected during the COVID-19 crisis.”

For more information, read the “Weekly CTA Tech Use and Purchase Tracker: COVID-19 Impact” report.