CSP Mobile Taps Cobalt Digital for Signal Conversion

CSP Mobile Production's CSP-HD3
CSP Mobile Productions has expanded its fleet with the addition of two HD trucks, both configured with a complement of Cobalt Digital 3G/HD/SD-SDI distribution amplifiers and conversion equipment. CSP-HD3, a rebuild and already on the road, has supported numerous projects including the Senate debates, local Connecticut elections, the Hartford Marathon, and NBA, NHL and NFL games. CSP-HD1, a new vehicle, launched on Jan. 1.

“We designed these trucks to maximize every bit of space and be future proof,“ said Len Chase, senior engineer. “Cobalt is one of the few manufacturers that have both dual and triple 3G DAs and that was key. We were able to compact as much into a frame as possible and optimize a relatively small area. And though we’re not using it yet, we specifically wanted to make sure that we’re ready for 3G in the future. Cobalt fit both requirements.

“Being in the mobile business, basically we have no idea what our clients needs are until we get on location,” Chase continued. “On any given day we may be doing a 720p show or a 1080i show or could be actually doing a standard def show. The Cobalt 9061 Up/Down/Cross converters enable us to handle any incoming signals and also accommodate anything that a client needs,” added Chase.

Cobalt’s 9821 down converters are being used as down converters and DAs for feeding analog and SDI multiples on the side of the truck.