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Crystal Video Named Exclusive United Kingdom/Ireland Echolab Mixer Distributor

Crystal Vision has been chosen as the exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland for the Echolab Noviadentity4 mixer. The event marks the first time that British company has been involved with the sale of another manufacturer's product.

"As Crystal Vision grows, it continues to develop its range of activities. I've been very impressed by the identity4, which is a truly innovative product offering the features and control panel of a product twice the price, and this agreement gives Echolab an excellent route into the buoyant U.K. market," said Phillip Scofield, Crystal Vision managing director.

The two companies began their partnership last April, with Echolab marketing Crystal Vision's keyers and modular interface in the United States.

The Novaidentity4 is a one M/E digital production mixer.