Crown International checks product compliance with European environmental standards

Crown International recently brought eight of its 11 amplifier lines currently in production and all of its PIP modules up to code to meet the regulations of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

The European Union (EU) adopted RoHS in January 2003. At present, it legally applies only within the EU; however, it is fast becoming a worldwide initiative.

The goal of RoHS is to minimize the effects of electrical and electronic equipment on the environment during their usable life and once they become waste. Specifically targeted by the directive are a number of heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc.) and certain flame-retardants, the use of which can pose potential environmental hazards after disposal. The elimination of these substances will result in more environmentally friendly recycling practices.

Crown International said RoHS compliance involved building everything with new lead-free processes and following each newly built product with a validation process to make sure that each passed performance tests. The company individually contacted each of its suppliers to certify that their respective components were RoHS compliant. The company also upgraded both of its assembly lines to handle higher temperatures and new lead-free soldering.

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