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Crosscreek Bags a Cheetah

QuStream Corp. announced that Crosscreek Television Productions has purchased a Cheetah 288x576 HD video router and a DRS audio router to outfit Voyager VIII HD, Crosscreek's latest HD truck. Crosscreek, out of Alabaster, Ala., operates six production and three B units.

The Cheetah-outfitted Voyager will hit the road in August. ESPN will use the truck starting in 2008.

Butch Mueller, director of engineering for Crosscreek, said, "We wanted a rugged, road-ready router that provided standard-sized BNC connectors and internal power supplies in a compact form. The QuStream product offered the smallest router with the most functionality."

The Cheetah 288x576 takes up 18 RU of space, and has the capability of mixing copper, fiber and CWDM fiber all in the same frame. QuStream, parent company of Pesa and Fortel DTV, is based in Toronto.