Crispin Integrates ArchiveManager With Omneon MediaGrid

Crispin Corp., a provider of broadcast automation software, equipment, services and support, said it will integrate ArchiveManager with the new Omneon MediaGrid active storage system.

"The integration of ArchiveManager with MediaGrid combines an easy-to-use tool for archival and retrieval of clips with a highly scalable, highly redundant storage solution," said Dave Neal, CEO of Crispin.

Integrated with automation, ArchiveManager and does not require "middleware" to manage the actual archive volumes. It provides a view of video server and archive content for drag and drop asset transfers, through an integrated database. The application shows media object detail as well as transfer requests and status messages and allows automatic or on-demand lookup of clips.

"The integration of Crispin's ArchiveManager with the Omneon MediaGrid highlights the move to tightly integrated central storage systems where low-cost scalable disk storage can be used for both archival and active workflow processes," said Jason Danielson, director of solutions for Omneon. "Both the archive and automation software have immediate access to a much larger pool of content in the facility. This results in not only simpler retrieval of archival media for repurposing into upcoming newscasts, but also more streamlined workflows for getting current material on-air."