Crispin Automates National Geographic Today

Washington-based National Geographic Channel has chosen Crispin's NewsPlayX Newsroom Automation System to run stories for its daily news journal, National Geographic Today.

Crispin's NewsPlayX uses MOS protocol in conjunction with AP's ENPS. Producers use the system to translate the daily show rundowns and execute the playback. The producers create the MOS objects in ENPS, the editors edit the video/packages on Panasonic NewsBytes and then send them to the GVG Profile XP 1100 via Fibre Channel.

The NewsPlayX updates the status of the video clip and playback to let the producers know what parts of the show are ready. It maps reports to different server channels allowing transition overlapping and simultaneous playback of the mirrored video for redundancy. The live changes in ENPS are automatically reflected on the playlist.