Crawford Tapped to Transmit New HD Channels

Cars.TV, Pets.TV, Comedy.TV, MyDestination.TV, Es.TV and Recipe.TV…

These are the half-dozen new HD channels that will be produced by Entertainment Studios and beamed via DBS, initially on Verizon's FiOS service.

Entertainment Studios has now chosen electronic media services provider Crawford Communications to transmit ES's six HD networks. ES says all six venues will be "global in scope" and fed multiplatform. Each channel's content will be obtainable via HD sets, online media players and smart-phones.

ES plans to feed its HD content from its base in Los Angeles to Crawford's hub in Atlanta for turnkey HD origination services. Crawford will be charged with round-the-clock control of the content, "From ingest and content management to playout and quality control," both firms said in a statement.

For U.S. distribution, Crawford will uplink the six signals to an SES Americom satellite (AMC-18) via MPEG-4.