Crawford Picks Colossus for 'Encompass' Project

Atlanta-based Crawford Communications selected OmniBus' Colossus multichannel automation system as the basis for consolidation of the company's network origination operations. As part of the project, dubbed "Encompass (ENCOde, Manage and Protect Your Assets)," Colossus will be deployed to control SGI Origin 350 video servers and a Masstech archive system, and interface with five different traffic systems for playout of 37 redundant channels. Colossus incorporates data-streaming technology and its timeline-based display enables one operator to monitor the status of all channels simultaneously.

"Colossus and Encompass add efficiency to our existing infrastructure, enabling us to leverage the tools we have in a more streamlined environment," said Jesse Crawford, the company's CEO. Crawford Communications' new network origination system is scheduled to go to air May 15.