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Cox's CableRep Chooses For-A

CableRep Advertising, the advertising sales division of Cox, has purchased nine For-A FA-370 time base corrector/frame synchronizer units to serve as the primary TBC at its MPEG encoding stations.

CableRep chose the FA-370 to replace the existing For-A FA-140 TBS/FC because they needed a unit that could perform the normal functions of a TBC/FC, have process amp control and accept all I/O formats so it could be used as a pre-encoding switcher. Cox deploys the FA-370 as a source select switcher, taking advertising material in all formats and converting it to SDI before it's fed into an MPEG encoder.

The FA-370 provides analog composite/component and SDI I/Os, 4:2:2:2 digital component processing, 10-bit digital encoding and analog and digital transcoding. It features signal error detection for SDI, a selectable protocol control port and a system control GPI port.