Cox Communications expands VOD service with SeaChange Technology

In an effort to provide a compelling experience for its digital cable subscribers and increase revenues, cable TV operator Cox Communications has selected SeaChange International servers and software to help make video-on-demand (VOD) work. In the next few months, the cable TV provider said it plans to install SeaChange's VODlink software in support of its “Entertainment on Demand” user interface that runs on all of Cox’s current Motorola digital set-top boxes.

Finding success as television becomes increasingly personalized, SeaChange said it is now supporting VOD deployments for nine of North America's largest cable operators. The company’s software and hardware systems simplify the business of television (billing, fulfillment, etc.) and automate the on-demand content pipeline, seamlessly moving content from programmers to viewers.

John Hildebrand, vice president of Multimedia Technology for Cox Communications, said that the VODlink technology provides his company with the ability to strategically and quickly deploy multiple types of on-demand content, including movies, subscription-on-demand services and more.

With SeaChange’s MediaCluster servers and software, Cox Digital Cable customers are able to order and instantly view more than 250 hours of movies and control the content using full VCR-like functionality. Users can pause, fast-forward and rewind movies by using their remote controls and existing digital set-top boxes. Movie titles are provided by iN DEMAND.

As the number of automated VOD deployments and availability of content from studios, television networks and niche providers continues to increase, the importance of system reliability and fault-tolerant operation is critical to ensure consumer satisfaction with on-demand and reduce digital churn (customers dropping the service).

Offering the ability to deliver complete DVDs via on-demand streams, VODlink's suite of software tools also enable operators to customize GUIs and make it easier for viewers to navigate libraries of on-demand content. SeaChange said its VODlink software suite is interoperable with Motorola and Scientific-Atlanta digital cable platforms, as well as VOD systems from SeaChange and others.

SeaChange said that its VOD systems provide more than 630,000 on-demand streams in over 100 deployments for North America's largest cable operators; including Adelphia, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications, Insight, Mediacom, RCN and Rogers Cable (in Canada). Around the world, broadcasters and television networks are also empowered by SeaChange systems, capitalizing on digital video to streamline their operations.

Using its Emmy-winning MediaCluster video server technology, thousands of SeaChange systems are helping broadband, broadcast and satellite television companies to streamline operations, expand services and increase revenues, according to the company. SeaChange is headquartered in Maynard, Mass, and has product development, support and sales offices throughout the world.

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